Yes, Loving Black Coffee Can Be a Thing

Yes, Loving Black Coffee Can Be a Thing

June 15, 2020

OK, we get it not everyone loves black coffee and that’s fine. But hear us out for 2 minutes and let’s break down a few pros to drinking black coffee versus other caffeine habits to see if you’re willing to try it out.

1. For starters, black coffee has zero sugar, zero calories, in our case organic caffeine, and no dairy. Plus it can taste amazing when roasted right (for real and more on that below‚Ķ) Who wouldn‚Äôt love to save a few crucial calories in their AM routine while curbing sugar and dairy intake? 

2. On the caffeine side of things black coffee has as much, and in some cases, more caffeine than name brand energy drinks that have ingredients we can‚Äôt even pronounce. Pure, natural caffeine flowing through your morning to start your day versus lab-tested ingredients. 

3. Now we might have you interested in black coffee after hearing some of the brief health benefits, but let‚Äôs also go over artificial creamers and sugar. That zero calorie, black coffee quickly becomes an on average 300 calorie monster after adding sugar and cream. Add in 12 grams of fat with that cream, half of those being saturated fat, and that‚Äôs enough to want to make the switch to black coffee. 

4. Lastly, and most importantly, good black coffee can taste amazing (and even bitterless). When a coffee roaster sources absolutely phenomenal coffee from around the world, roasts it fresh and to perfection - the flavor potential can be incredible.

If you want to start with a solid recommendation on where to start, try our Denali Blend, Lassen Blend, or Grand Teton Blend as a way to try amazing black coffee on your taste buds, cut out bad calories, and kickstart your day with real caffeine. 

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