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Your Personal Coffee Guide

For the past several years, I have been working in the specialty-coffee industry. I have done everything from pulling shots, to training baristas, dismantling grinders, labeling and packaging bags, to roasting batches and batches of coffee. Through all that time I have learned two things. Number one is that I love learning about the wonderful and broad world of specialty-coffee. Number two is that I love getting to share that knowledge with others and give them a taste of the things that I have become so passionate about.

This, ultimately, is the goal of these events. To bring you into the world of specialty-coffee and share with you the things about it that we find so special.

These classes will introduce you to our day to day operations featuring a roastery tour, the opportunity to see a batch of coffee roasted, a cupping of some of our current and popular offerings, and a 12oz bag of a coffee of your choice for you to take home. I look forward to meeting you and sharing a brew with you at an upcoming event.


Director of Coffee

Upcoming Public Events

We are excited to bring you an array of upcoming events where you get to join us at our roastery in Moscow, Idaho to take part in a hands-on coffee experience. Whether you want to master the art of brewing at home, have some fun drinking awesome coffee, or just get to know more about the world of specialty-coffee and what we do - these public classes are an amazing opportunity to discover more about the liquid that fuels each of our days. We want to host these events in order for us to get more involved in the community that supports our company and we are beyond excited to have you at our HQ enjoying brews with our team.

What to Expect at an Event:

- Free 12oz bag of Kamiak Coffee for each attendee.

- Coffee samples & drinks.

- Roastery Tour to showcase our operations.

- Education on how to brew coffee.

- Coffee tastings to discover unique traits of coffee profiles.

- Expert guidance on coffee, roasting, and more.

To RSVP and see upcoming events - check out our Eventbrite page here:

Private Events

Email us to schedule a private event. Private event availability cannot always be guaranteed, however send us an email and we will do what we can to host a private coffee tasting, class, or tour for your group.

- 5 Person Minimum -

- 10 Person Maximum -

- Deposit Required -