Coffee is more than a drink to us. It is an obsession. A passion. A science. An endless pursuit to roast the greatest coffee for all to enjoy. Every coffee bean we roast is uniquely crafted by hand with perfection and much like our coffee, we believe our wholesale accounts should be uniquely crafted based on what you hope to achieve. Just like coffee, every wholesale partner is unique and we are here to create a one of a kind service, matched only with a one of a kind coffee.

From new or established cafes, restaurants, and drive thrus, to non-profits, hospitals, and student organizations (plus everything in-between) - we are here to cover your wholesale coffee needs.

What We Can Offer


The secret to our success is embedded in the relationships we forge. Every wholesale partner we team up with should have a shared love of coffee or a desire to encourage others to ‘drink differently.’ We love coffee (if you can’t tell already) and in order to do great work, you must love what you do. By partnering with us - you get to share the connection we have to coffee with every sip.

Coffee (really, really good coffee)

The foundation of who we are is built on the coffee we serve and who we serve it to. We like to have our coffee speak for itself. If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy a cup yet, know that all of our coffee is hand selected based on unique qualities, how it was grown, who grew it, and if it meets our high quality standards on freshness, seasonality, tasting notes, and purity. Most importantly, we also have to love each sip when we roast and drink it ourselves. Good coffee might get you through a workday, but great coffee is an experience and we are here to make it a perfect one.


Coffee is complex. In fact, Kamiak Coffee Company started in part to help make specialty coffee simple to understand and enjoy. From learning the root of how coffee is grown to understanding how to serve it with perfection we are here to train you. We even have a dedicated cupping lab at our main roasting facility designed to educate your team on the intricacies of coffee.

Support & Consulting

24/7 support. When you partner with Kamiak Coffee Company, you get a direct line to the owners and founders of the company, Grant & Kyle. Our commitment to you isn’t just amazing coffee, but support when you need it most. Whether it be technical equipment support or guidance on how to optimize your business - we are here for you.


With any wholesale partner, we roast and ship on the same day so you always have the freshest coffee possible. Fresh coffee is great coffee - let’s not let something like shipping get in the way of that.


It takes great equipment to carry the quality of amazing green coffees and roasts through to the brew. We are here to be a guide in your equipment purchasing journey to fit your needs. If you are a small cafe starting for the first time or looking to step-up your brew game - we’re here to help match your organization with the right equipment to bring out the best in our coffee.

Cool Workplaces Need Coffee

Happy employees are also productive employees. Happy employees with amazing coffee - well that’s just a recipe for success. If your office or workplace needs a fun pick-me-up to cure the Monday blues, Kamiak Coffee Company is here to partner with you. We can easily ship or deliver your coffee as needed and even include:

-Custom branded coffee brewers

-Custom marketing material and signage

-Private labels

-Employee or client gift packages

-Each coffee will be roasted, packaged, and shipped on the same day for maximum freshness

-And more proactive coffee solutions for your workplace

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