Sourcing Green Coffee

If you expect a filet mignon using only ground beef, you’ll likely to be disappointed. If you expect great coffee from low quality ingredients, again, you’ll likely be disappointed. While we pride ourselves on our ability to roast phenomenal coffee, it’s actually our green coffee buying practices that separate us in the industry.

Coffee is an agricultural product and varies greatly when it comes to quality and flavor profiles. Kamiak truly cares about the quality of our coffee, the industry, and making a positive impact. Where and how we source our coffee is the most important step in our business.

Kamiak is committed to long term, sustainable partnerships with coffee producers. As far as we’re concerned, obtaining high scoring green coffee is only the beginning. We are dedicated to a sourcing model that is not only good for farmers, but good for the industry as a whole. Being socially responsible, honest, and investing in infrastructure will allow us to get the same great coffee each year. This is to build trust between us and our producers; and to offer stability and security to the coffee producing communities with which we partner. We recognize that it is the growers, not us, who determine a coffee's potential and we are privileged to work with producers who take such pride in their work. We consider it a duty and an honor to roast with the highest quality and excellence and in doing so, pay our respects to all who came before us in this process.