Grinding Coffee

Grinding your coffee may be the most important process to getting a great cup. In theory, the longer the coffee is in contact with water, the more coarse the grind. For all coffee brew methods, we recommend using a high quality ceramic burr grinder that can be adjusted to fit your brew style. We recommend grinding your coffee prior to brewing. If that is not an option for you, we we are more than happy to grind before we ship to you. 

Coarse Grind

The Coarse Grind is perfect for the brew methods that have a longer extraction time. Which means, more time the coffee is in contact with the water. Coarse ground coffee is perfect for most immersion brew methods like french press and cold brew.

This grind should have a particle size similar to coarse sea salt.  

Medium Grind

The Medium Grind is the work horse of the grind settings. Most consumer brew methods will take this coffee. Everything from the auto drip coffee maker to the handcrafted chemex, this coffee is perfect for most drip style brew methods.

This grind should have a particle size similar to table salt.   

Fine Grind

The Fine Grind is the most delicate of the grind settings. Proper extraction can be accomplished with less time, and should be used for quick brew methods. Too long, and the coffee can be quite bitter. We recommend this grind for espresso and turkish coffee makers.

This grind size should be similar to a powder. Not as fine as flour, but not as coarse as sugar.