The Grind

Quality of your grind is one of the key elements to creating a fantastic brew. It is second only to quality of water. Consistency in your grind will result in a more consistent cup. We at Kamiak suggest using a quality burr grinder as opposed to grandpas old blade grinder. Blade grinders have a tendency to produce powder fine to cold brew coarse coffee within the same grind.   


The Pour Over

The pour over is a classic brewing method. From the Kalita Wave to the Chemex, pour over coffee brewing follows a similar technique. The Chemex, first introduced in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm is a favorite among the Kamiak crew. It is simply pouring hot water over the grounds and letting the coffee "drip" through a filter. 


The French Press

A wonderfully bold and bodied brew method. While the first French Press was likely developed in France, it was Italian designer Attilio Calimani who first patented the French Press in 1929. An immersion method that simply steeps for 3-5 minutes before plunging the grounds to the bottom.


The Cold Brew

Too hot for a classic hot brewed coffee? Enjoy the sweet and refreshing elements of a crisp Cold Brew. This modern favorite is an immersion style of brewing. Steeping the coarse grounds in cool water for 12-24 hours to extract that wonderfully rich and smooth coffee concentrate. Filter grounds and dilute with water and/or milk to round out this perfect summer drink. 


The Aeropress

Want coffee brewed from the future? Try an Aeropress. Invented by Alan Adler in 2005, this space age technology creates a vibrant brew in just minutes. Simply combine the coffee with the water, stir, and press directly into your cup. Similar mechanics as a french press, but a whole differnt result.