Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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When do you roast coffee?
What type of roasts do you offer?
Is my roasted coffee fresh?
Why is our roasted coffee so awesome?


How do I brew awesome coffee at home?
What type of grind is right for my coffee?
Does equipment or brewing methods change the taste of coffee?
Is there different flavors of coffee?
What are some quick tips to brewing better coffee?


What is Kamiak Coffee Company?
What is your purpose as a company?
Who are you?
Where are you located?
Are you open to the public?
What services do you offer?


How do I know what coffee is perfect for me?
How do I store coffee?
Does coffee go bad or expire?
Can I buy coffee in whole bean or ground?
What is single origin coffee?
Why does your coffee offering change?
I love your coffee - how can I buy some?!
How can I sign up for your wholesale coffee program?

Shipping, Returns, Payments

What shipping service do you use to ship coffee?
How much is shipping?
When will my coffee arrive?
What is your return or refund policy?
What form of payments are accepted during checkout?
Is it safe to order on your website?
Can I change an order after it has been placed?